November 16, 2023

The Google Guarantee is like a special badge that certain service providers can get after going through a check. If you’re a service provider in the United States, you can visit a Google webpage to find out if your business can have this badge.Having this green check mark badge means that Google thinks your business is trustworthy, which can make more people trust and choose local businesses.

If someone gets a job with the Google Guarantee badge through a Google Local Service ad and isn’t happy with the service, Google Guarantee company might give you back up to $2,000, but it depends on Google policies. You can learn all the rules for getting your money back here.To get the Google Guarantee badge, your business needs to pass Google screenings and verification processes through the Google Local Service ads. These checks include things like having the right licenses, passing background checks, having insurance, and getting good reviews on your Google My Business profile. Not all businesses can get this badge, and going through this process can take some time. And every business does not qualify for it.

What is the Google Guaranteed badge?

The Google Guaranteed badge is a special sign from Google for some local businesses. It lets people know that these businesses offer good services.

It’s Google’s way of saying, “We promise that this business will provide high-quality service”.

Google has a special green and white badge called Google Guaranteed. It shows that a local business is trustworthy. Google gives this badge to help customers avoid scams and to show which local businesses are good.

Businesses with this badge will appear at the top of Google search results. They will show their name, where they are, a picture, their ratings, and a button to call them. There will also be a green checkmark. This checkmark tells people that Google believes the business does good work and it’s trustworthy.

How Does Google Guarantee Work?

To get the Google Guaranteed badge, you first need to register for Google Local Service Ads (LSA). LSA will show important details about your business like where it is, what people say about it, how to contact it, and when it’s open.

After registering your business with LSA, it needs to go through many checks to be called Google Guaranteed. These checks include looking into your background, making sure you have insurance, and checking your business or owner licenses. If your business passes these checks, it gets a green checkmark badge under its name.

After you get your Google Guarantee badge, businesses need to keep doing certain things to make sure to maintain their status to prevent their badge from being removed. It means you need to maintain a proper license and insurance. Updating your Google My Business page on a daily basis, asking for good reviews, answering negative reviews and checking updates from Google daily.Who is eligible for google guarantee?Even though Google Guarantee has spread to several regions over the last few years, Industries differ from one region to another.

Types of businesses in the US that can use the Google Guaranteed program.

Appliance repair, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), auto glass, window cleaning, auto repair, home cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, locksmith services, pest control, pet grooming, photography, electrical, event planning, financial planning, garage door installation, junk removal, lawn care, plumbing, roofing, tree services, water damage restoration, and window repair.

Types of businesses in Canada that can use the Google Guaranteed program.

Plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), rubbish removal, appliance repair, moving, roofing, window cleaning, water damage services, locksmiths, carpet cleaning, lawn care, tree surgeons, window installation, and pest control services.How to become Google GuaranteedTo get the “Google Guaranteed” badge, you need to register for Google Local Services Ads first. After registering, your business will be checked carefully. If it passes, then it can be called Google Guaranteed.There are a few steps to get the badge. Google will check your background, see if you have the right insurance, and look at your business or owner license. If everything is okay, you will get the Google Guarantee Badge next to your company’s name, as shown below.

This screening process helps people know that a business with the Google Guarantee badge is good and can be trusted. People can feel confident buying things or using services from that business.

Does Google Guarantee Coast? Are You Curious?

The Google Guarantee program doesn’t make businesses pay for views or clicks. Businesses only pay when they get a new customer lead from the local ads.Businesses pay a different amount for each customer contact, depending on where they are, what they do, and the type of contact. A real customer contact can be texts, calls, emails, messages, any other form of communication between customers and business.Businesses have the option to determine their budget based on the desired number of leads per month. This approach allows owners to concentrate on business development.Google has extended its “Google Guarantee” program to small businesses that are not part of the Local Service Ads (LSA) program. For a monthly fee of $50, these businesses will be able to add a similar type of badging and backing to their Google profiles. This move is aimed at providing more businesses with the opportunity to participate in the program and offering their customers added assurance when searching for services online.

Do you know about Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that lets you show your business details, opening times, and how to contact you in local search results.The process of account setting up is straightforward. You will be required to create an account and provide your personal details.Once the process is finished, your business will have a display that appears prominently in local search results, including in Google Maps searches.Here’s an example of a Google Business Profile for “Brasserie Blanc Leeds” appearing in a search result.

If you do the same search in Google Maps, on a desktop, the profile displays to the left of the map

The restaurant profile presents practical details to potential customers such as the operating hours and whether they provide dine-in or only take-out services.Searchers can even book a table without leaving Google Maps.

How to Create a Google My Business Profile?

To create a Google My Business Profile go to the Manage Now button to get started.You’ll be given an option to login with an existing Gmail address or to create a new Google account or new Gmail address.From there, follow Google’s prompts.The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

To complete your business listing, you have the option to include location and contact information. However, if your business does not have a physical storefront or location, you can skip this stepAdditionally, you can add photos and videos to your listing, as well as share news, announcements, or special offers.

How Do You Optimize Your Google Business Profile for SEO

Optimizing a profile for SEO can be a simple task. There are certain recommended steps that can be taken, some of which require one-time actions while others are ongoing. Let us explore these steps in detail.Business Category Should be PreciseIt is advisable to choose business categories with precision as they play a crucial role in determining the search results in which your business appears.

(You’ll select a primary category for your business. You also have the option to select secondary categories.)

It is possible that Google may update your chosen category if it is incorrect. In such a scenario, a message will be displayed when you log in, requesting you to accept Google’s revision.Completeness: It is better to have more completeness.Ensure your profile is complete by filling in all relevant information. It is important to ensure that your profile is complete by providing all necessary information.You can also take advantage of the option to post inviting photos or offers. Your Google business profile is important for local searches, and you decide how your business looks there.Keep Updated Your Business HoursGoogle tries to give local searchers the best relevant and most useful information.For this reason it’s important to make sure that your business hours are updated for off days or are changed when necessary.Don’t forget: Your business hours will also appear on Google Maps. Small businesses would not want someone to complain on Google that they went to a place thinking it was open, but found it closed.Keep Your NAP Up-to-DateThe same holds true for “NAP” — your business Name, Address, and Phone number. When these change, immediately update your Google Business Profile.

You’ll also have to update your NAP on other sites when you change your NAP, like your social media profiles, your website, and any listings in business directories.

Can You Get the Google Business Profile’s Special Features?

Yes Of course you can! There are some special features available in Google Business Profile that can contribute to attract new customers.

For example,Service-based businesses can include a link to book appointments.Ecommerce stores can list products along with prices and stock status.Restaurants can post their menu, provide buttons for “Order takeout” or “Order delivery.”

Keep Your Profile Updated

Many small business owners create a Google Business Profile and then forget about it and that’s the most common mistake.If you add new content to your profile, it shows people and Google that your business is doing well.Putting special deals, Offers on your profile can help to attract more customers.Answering reviews on Google can also help get more customers.

Recent reviews can affect where your business shows up in searches and can help people decide to pick your business.It’s good t o understand how star ratings and reviews work and how to make them better for being found easily in searches and what you need to do to optimize them for SEO.

Role and Importance of Star Ratings and ReviewsGoogle Business Profiles feature a star rating for that business. This star rating comes from the average of all customer ratings. The total number of customer reviews displays next to it.

The star rating and reviews have really influence what people decide to buy.Almost all people (98%) look at online comments before choosing local businessesAccording to the BrightLocal research Google is “the most trusted review platform,”

Interestingly, star ratings show up in several areas of Google Search.

They show up in the Local Pack.

When users click or move their mouse over a pin in Google Maps, these show up.

And they show in Google Ads, including Local Services Ads.

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